#LetsTalkOnBluedPH about fighting social injustice, prioritizing mental health, and improving home cooking

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BLUED, a gay social app, is launching a series of talks covering topics of interest for the LGBTQ+ community. It is, as one of the speakers, Vince Uy said, “creating a space where people can freely converse. And not just converse, but learn from each other.”

Usually used for dating, the app has a unique livestream feature will be utilized for talks called #LetsTalkOnBluedPH. The conversations run the gamut from Fighting Social Injustice, Working Efficiently From Home, and Prioritizing Mental Health, to Keeping Physically Fit, Improving Home Cooking, and Elevating Style and Grooming. These topics are slated to run twice each month from this June (celebrated as Pride Month), all the way to November. The series kicked off with photographer BJ Pascual’s talk last week on Fighting Social Injustice, while creative director Vince Uy will hold his today, June 25. “They had to be credible speakers in their particular field,” said Evan Tan, Blued Philippines’ Country Marketing Manager, during a launch earlier this month. The other speakers for the following months are yet to be announced.

“#Let’sTalkOnBluedPH is a continuation of our mission to inspire, educate, and empower Filipino gay men to live their best lives, not just for themselves, but for society at large,” continued Mr. Tan. For his part, Mr. Pascual said, “It’s also important to hear what other people think. Mahirap ma-stuck sa echo chamber ng sarili nating mga groups. (It’s hard to be stuck in the echo chamber of our own groups).”

Mr。 Uy meanwhile said, “What the community needs is also a support system。 And I think Blued is also championing that — creating a space where people can freely converse。 And not just converse, but learn from each other。”

Speaking about the importance of holding these talks, despite a pandemic, Mr. Tan said, “LGBT+ people are being forgotten during this pandemic. Our needs, our concerns, our lives — I guess mas hindi nagiging visible (we’re becoming less visible) because there’s a problem at bay. But the thing is — we still exist. Our problems still exist. Discrimination all the more exists because of the current situation.”

北京赛车pk10投注Blued Philippines partnered with three organizations: Home for the Golden Gays (HGG), the AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP), and the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP)。 “We believe they’re the ones who have been greatly affected by this pandemic。 Via a video call to HGG, Mon Busa, HGG’s current President, told viewers that due to restrictions placed on senior citizens during the quarantine, they haven’t been able to go out and work, or even get their essentials。 To help, Blued has pledged a starting donation of P50,000 each to HGG, and ASP, and STRAP, during the launch of #LetsTalkOnBluedPH。

“Aside from [this starting donation], during the course of the campaign, we’ll be asking all our opinion leaders to encourage those who view [the live sessions] to donate directly to these organizations,” said Mr. Tan. — Joseph L. Garcia