Huawei IdeaHub: The intelligent whiteboard for more engaging meetings

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Whiteboards are one of the essential items in offices. They are usually useful in meetings as they gather all the information and ideas coming from multiple people in a single area.

What if whiteboards can do more than merely show writings and project ideas, and be transformed into something that makes meetings more engaging?

With Huawei’s latest innovation, the , the whiteboard has finally transformed into a medium for intelligent collaboration within offices and even a more helpful tool for various sectors like education, healthcare, and government.

The integrates intelligent handwriting, high-definition projection, flexiblevideo conferencing, and access to applications in one simple yet dynamic screen.

rethinks the typical whiteboard into a superbly interactive one, with features that enable clearer audio, smoother video, and efficient writing.

It is equipped with professional-grade 4K camera, which enhances the streaming and viewing experience of meeting-goers wherever they are。 Also, with its 12 linear microphone arrays, IdeaHub can pick up sound from within an 8-meter radius on a 20-kilohertz full band, enabling attendees to be heard more clearly。

The has a capacity of ultra-low writing latency of just 35 milliseconds, making writing on a screen easy and timely。 Moreover, with its intelligent handwriting recognition, one’s scribblings can be translated to text or graphics for better readability。 With its built-in NFC chips, It is easy to project content from the phone to the IdeaHub in one tap。

Aside from serving as an intelligent whiteboard, the IdeaHub makes video conferencing more professional by fusing native 4K and AI technologies。

北京赛车pk10投注While it can deliver H.265 HD video, 1080p conferencing, and 30 fps smooth projection, the IdeaHub can also easily switch from one live view to another through SVC multistream.

北京赛车pk10投注AI technologies integrated into brings more focus on the meeting and its speakers. Its acoustic baffle feature, for instance, blocks unnecessary noise from outsidethe meeting area; while its intelligent speaker tracking can automatically focuses on the person speaking. The IdeaHub can also automatically frame the conference view based on the participants

The IdeaHub also has a prosperous cloud ecosystem that supports multiple apps, both those pre-enabled in the screen and those which can be downloaded from the Huawei appGallery.Through this ecosystem, it can also create an up-to-date enterprise profile for digital marketing and promoting corporate culture, as well as a HiBoard with a customizable background source—perfect for welcoming guests or celebrating a significant occasion.

All these interesting and timely features are all enclosed on a sleek, user-centric, and elegant design.

The IdeaHub currently has three variants, namely the IdeaHub S, IdeaHub Pro (both of which come in Jade White), and the IdeaHub Enterprise, which comes in Titanium Gray.

Huawei’s strategy for all-scenario smart offices

Aside from embodying intelligent collaboration, the IdeaHub is an integral part of what Huawei calls the “1 + 3 + X” strategy. It is Huawei’s strategy to enable smart offices where professionals can engage with collaborators anywhere, anytime, and in any way.

The “1” in Huawei’s formula refers to office digitization of enterprises, made possible by cloud and AI, in particular Huawei’s Cloud WeLink, its intelligent work platform for enterprises。

“3” refers to three types of smart collaboration devices, namely Huawei’s telepresence series for professional conferences; the newly-launched IdeaHub series for team collaboration; and the smart desktop series for personal offices, which will be launched soon.

“X”, meanwhile, refers to open cooperation and ecosystems for software and hardware, where Huawei works with ecosystem partners to serve customers in various industries.

Huawei’s timely innovations, including IdeaHub and future products, all aim to digitally transform offices into smart and more productive ones.

Enable your offices with intelligent and more efficient collaboration with the Huawei IdeaHub。 Learn more about the product by visiting